Tapestry Online Learning

We are now using an online learning journal system called Tapestry. We can still continue observations and progress summaries on paper which will still be sent home on a regular basis if you do not wish to use Tapestry.

Tapestry gives you the opportunity to see any observations, photos and videos instantly and alerts any parents or relatives via email of any updates that have been made. It also offers parents and relatives the chance to add any comments on observations and add your own home experiences and home learning. You can also access and add to your child’s all about me and view the next steps in their development (all about me and next steps only available on main site not app).

Your child’s own home experiences and home learning will also be added to their learning journal, this gives parents and key workers another way to communicate regarding your child and their development. You can add relatives to your child’s learning journals who can also add home experiences and home learning.

Once your child leaves the setting their learning journal can be downloaded to a PDF and either emailed or saved to a memory stick (if provided). If your child is going to another setting that uses Tapestry then their entire learning journal can be transferred to the new setting electronically if you wish.

If you or a relative wants to be a part of our Tapestry system all you have to do is.

Provide New Beginnings with the names and email addresses of anyone you wish to have access to your child’s learning Journal.
New Beginnings will provide you with an information sheet on how to use Tapestry.
Once New Beginnings has added yours or relatives details to Tapestry you will receive a verification email where you can choose your own password and pin number.
Search in your app store for Tapestry and download the free app or use a search engine to access main site.
Once this is set up you can see anything that has been added to your child’s learning journal.

If you have any questions or queries please speak to Sarah Breen (Deputy Nursery Manager)